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New York has a lot going on. From the incredible diversity, vibrancy, and life in New York City to the dozen populations centers spread throughout the rest of the state and to even the vast rural patches that connect these metropolitan centers, New York is a state for business. That being said, it can be remarkably challenging to achieve statewide recognition as a company due to the amount of competition. In addition, for businesses located within these cities, making a name for yourself and outpacing your competition can feel next to impossible.

Thankfully, Attract.Click is here to help. With countless years providing responsible web design, Attract.Click helps to improve your business online through search engine optimization, or SEO. Utilizing a series of techniques that speak to the complexities inherent in Internet searches and social media, Attract.Click’s primary goal is to increase the recognition of your company, providing increased visibility and recognition by both local and foreign searches. How is all of this possible? Lets take a look at Attract.Click’s web design packages and monthly plans and find out.

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Monthly Plans Provided By Attract.Click

Attract.Click provides 3 different monthly plans, depending on the scale of your company and the level of support you want. That being said, Attract.Click is always a fully managed SEO service, providing a range of help including the formation of landing pages, an emphasis on local area keyword searches, a local listings online service, on-page SEO that operates through clean code and optimized searchability, off-page SEO that works through proper and intelligent link building, and assistance in improving your social profile. By increasing the various links between different websites that recognize your business, we can dramatically improve your visibility and push you towards that #1 slot in search engine results.

Why Go With Attract.Click?

Having helped countless companies in the past do exactly what you are interested in, Attract.Click has built up a considerable reputation providing an invaluable service. From beginning to end, Attract.Click will provide the assistance your online profile needs. In addition, Attract.Click will help explain any and all terms regarding this process, as well as what is going on, why it is going on, and how it will help you and your company. The end goal for Attract.Click and for you are the same, an improved website and online presence that everyone is happy with. While Attract.Click cannot do the impossible, they can help you do everything possible to improve your visibility.

FAQ About Web Services We Offer

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Yes, We work hard to make sure the websites we deliver to our customers are user and search engines friendly. We follow standards and recommendations of main search engines.

We strictly follow standards and recommendations of search engines

Many SEO companies offer “Secret Tricks” and “Insider Information” when it comes to improving your results in searches. The truth is however that search engines are very clever, and constantly change. They have and will punish websites that cheat the system for personal gain. Instead of working against these search engines, we work to follow standards and recommendations they give. Often times stated with the precise purpose to increase your rating, we make sure your website is fully compliant with these search tools.

Yes, we do. As an increasing number of people are using mobile devices, smart phones and tablets are becoming the future, all our websites are responsive and set for success. This means designing your website in such a way that people on mobile devices can easily read and access your information. 

Knowledge is power, that is why we include Analytics and Webmaster Tools. We include a suite of tools that will help gather information relating to your site. From background information relating to how your site puts up with traffic to potentially useful information for your own data gathering and marketing needs, our tools will help give you a better understanding of how your website is working on online.

From checking for duplicate content, to making sure you have fast site speed, to improving your meta tags and social media, we will go through a list of ways that you can optimize your online presence. In this way, we will help bring to you search engine friendly web design.

Yes, we do. All starts with the new website. After that we can help you with website hosting, site maintenance,  search engine optimization , internet marketing, social media and more.

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